All Points West Saturday: More Radiohead, More Crowded

<p>Sharing the good times.</p>

<p>And the bad times.</p>

<p>Bromance blooms at All Points West.</p>

<p>In Foucault's <em>Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison</em>, he explores the idea of the Panopticon, a prison building which utilizes a central observation tower to give prisoners the uneasy sense that they could be watched at any time... even when they're crowded into the beer corral for their daily ration of five Budweisers. </p>

<p>The weather did not suck.</p>

<p>Pyramid by <a href="">Joe Mangrum</a>.</p>

<p>Animal Collective seen from inside <a href="">Joe Mangrum</a>'s pyramid.</p>

<p>Solar Pavilion 2, designed with "a zero-waste mandate and constructed with a range of innovative eco-friendly materials."</p>

<p>Climbing Mike Hansel's sculpture.</p>

<p>Christopher Janney's Sonic Forest, in which visitors "play" the forest by moving through its sixteen columns. </p>

<p>A nap before Radiohead.</p>


<p>Animal Collective</p>

<p>Animal Collective</p>

<p>The Virgins, who told the crowd they came all the way from New York City to play for them. They're quite good at what they do; uptempo boozy bar band rock. Nothing groundbreaking, but very tight.</p>

<p>The Black Angels from Texas. </p>

<p>Black Angels.</p>

<p>The Roots (for your highnesses). </p>


<p>The Roots.</p>

<p>The Roots</p>

<p>That is, in fact, a black person in the audience for the The Roots -- not Photoshop.</p>

<p>A "Megamite" wearable balloon sculpture by <a href="">Jason Hackenwerth</a>.</p>

<p>Radiohead from the way way back during "Everything in Its Right Place. For photo pit images, <a href="">go here</a>.</p>