All NYC Parks on View in One Museum

<p>Central Park, Hallett Nature Sanctuary, autumn</p>

<p>Central Park, Hallett Nature Sanctuary, winter</p>

<p>Bronx River, New York Botanical Garden, autumn</p>

<p>Forest Park, pine woods off Forest Park Drive, summer</p>

<p>Conference House Park, southernmost point in New York City, winter</p>

<p>Inwood Hill Park, top of the hill overlooking the Hudson River, spring</p>

<p>New York Botanical Garden, Bronx River, near the falls at Snuff Mill, summer</p>

<p>Prospect Park, woods in the Ravine, autumn</p>

<p>Wolfe’s Pond Park, swamp north of pond, winter</p>

<p>High Rock Park, spring</p>