Adorable Photos: Our Canine Teammates Get BarkBox, A Treat Subscription Of Their Very Own

We got a box for each size of dog! This here's an X-Small for resident Cockapoo, Daisy. Includes Bocce's Bakery Lobster Roll Biscuits, Bixbi Chicken Jerky, a Muddy Buddy Dog Mop, a Pet Rageous Lobster water toy, and a tiny turtle.

And here's a Small for Lily. Includes a Muddy Buddy Dog Mop, a Pet Rageous Lobster, a Starfish rope, Bixbi Salmon Jerky, and Superior Farms Itty Bitty Venison treats for little guys.

A Medium for Sam Malone. Includes a (slightly larger!) Pet Rageous Lobster, a giant Superior Farms bone, a Waboba Fetch water ball, and some Seafood Chowder treats from FeelGood Treats.

And finally, a Large for Fozzie! Includes a Bionic Urban Stick, a Gulpy portable water dispenser, a Jolly Ball, Max & Ruffy Strawberry Carob treats, and No Grainers BBQ Chicken Jerky Chews.

Each box comes with a thoughtful personalized note.

First up we have Lily the Pomeranian, seen here enjoying a Pet Rageous Lobster while blissfully unaware of the fate about to befall her...

...IN THE BATHTUB! But honestly, don't laugh, it's rude.

Re-puffed, a dejected Lily emerges in a Muddy Buddy Dog Mop fashioned as a robe.

Sam Malone, dog, minds his manners in the car. This ride goes to the lake for one last summer swim.

This is a water dog in some water.

The Pet Rageous Lobster was meant to be a water toy, so Sam is in prime form here. Too many geese on the water to concentrate, though.

Sam receives a reward for being a nice dog that doesn't eat geese, even if everyone would prefer it if he did.

Still way too many distractions at this lake, though.

Finally, some sweet, sweet alone time with Bone.

Fozzie also gets an outdoor adventure, accompanied by his ingenious portable water dispenser, the Gulpy.

Post-adventure, a chew session with the Bionic Urban Stick.

This one's meant to be stuffed with treats or peanut butter.

And here we have the Jolly Ball. It's a ball, it's a rope, it's a chew toy that floats!

Daisy the Cockapoo inspects her delivery.

And falls in love with her own Pet Rageous Lobster. Apparently no one can resist a squeaky lobster!