Acclaimed Director Mike Nichols Dies At 83

<p>With Diane Sawyer<br/></p>

<p>Nichols and May comedy album</p>

<p>Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?</p>

<p>The Graduate</p>

<p>Accepting the Oscar for directing The Graduate<br/></p>

<p>Working Girl</p>

<p>Angels in America</p>


<p>The Birdcage</p>


<p>Postcards from the Edge</p>


<p>Being feted at the AFI Lifetime Achievement ceremony</p>

<p>Getting a hug from Warren Beatty and Annette Bening</p>

<p>With the cast of Spamalot on Broadway</p>

<p>The cast of A Death Of A Saleman</p>

<p>At Oscar de la Renta's funeral earlier this month</p>