8 Greek Islands Cheaper Than NYC Apartments

<a href="">Isle Of Gaia</a>. <strong>Cost</strong>: $4,637,438. <strong>Size</strong>: 43 Acres. <strong>Pros</strong>: This "coveted isle" is touted as the "perfect millionaires' playground." A "picture perfect paradise" that is great for deep sea diving. <strong>Cons</strong>: Seamless doesn't deliver here; questionable Wi-Fi.

<a href="">Stroggilo Island</a>. <strong>Cost</strong>: $5,571,645. <strong>Size</strong>: 54 Acres. <strong>Pros:</strong> The island is "covered with green, almost all year long," has drinkable water ("with small process"), and beach "can easily transform to a heaven on earth place for vacations." <strong>Cons</strong>: No bodegas or 24-hour Duane Reades

<a href="">Nissos Sofia.</a> <strong>Cost</strong>: $6,809,788. <strong>Size</strong>: 43.5 Acres. <strong>Pros</strong>: It has a gentle sloping terrain and is close to the west coast of mainland Greece, "it is covered by perennial cedars," &"the landscape is breath-taking." <strong>Cons</strong>: Breath-taking landscapes could provoke the occasional bout of existential terror.

<a href="">Nissos Makri</a>. <strong>Cost</strong>: $16,714,934. <strong>Size</strong>: 245 Acres. <strong>Pros</strong>: "In 1920, the British described Makri as having the finest natural harbor in Asia Minor and was also noted by the British for its forests," has been granted special planning/building regulations. <strong>Cons</strong>: Umm, no movie theaters?

<a href="">Kardiotissa Island.</a> <strong>Cost:</strong> $8,047,932. <strong>Size:</strong> 280 Acres. <strong>Pros</strong>: Every day all-year roundferries to other nearby islands, "rich sealife of the area could even sustain an off-shore aquarium or centre for oceanographic research", could be "Greece's newest resort hotspot." <strong>Cons</strong>: You'll have to leave at some point to visit relatives or whatever

<a href="">Modi Island.</a> <strong>Cost:</strong> $1,500,000. <strong>Size:</strong> 51 Acres. <strong>Pros</strong>: "There is no industry or pollution in the area... just a perfect environment!" <strong>Cons:</strong> There are no cons, this costs LESS than an average Manhattan apartment, go buy it immediately fools!

<a href="">Lihnari Peninsula.</a> <strong>Cost</strong>: $3,714,430. <strong>Size</strong>: 95 Acres. <strong>Pros</strong>: Seller is desperate, "price has just been halved, this incredible opportunity will not last long." Tons of olive trees. <strong>Cons</strong>: We'd miss that feeling when you catch all the subways at the exact right time.

<a href="">St Athanasios Island.</a> <strong>Cost</strong>: $1,857,215. <strong>Size</strong>: 2.5 Acres. <strong>Pros</strong>: "Pine and olive trees are scattered all over the ground...small sandy beach is located on the northwestern region of the island." Also, LOOK AT THAT PICTURE. <strong>Cons</strong>: SHUT UP & LOOK AT THAT PICTURE.