70 Photos Celebrating Keith Richards' Magnificent 70th Birthday

Did you know that Keith was a post office worker before the Stones took off? Jan 1st, 1963 (Getty Images)

Mick and Keith opening fan mail, circa 1963 (Getty Images)

Keith goofing around backstage during an early Rolling Stones tour, December 1963 (Getty Images)

The Rolling Stones on a rooftop, June 17th, 1964. (Getty Images)

Skinny Keith with Brian Jones, on the beach at Double Bay, Sydney, Australia, January 1965 (Getty Images)

Keith Richards in Beverly Hills, California in 1966 (Guy Webster/Rock Paper Photo)

Keith mobbed by fans on arrival at London Airport, July 24th 1966 (Getty Images)

Keith sporting his favorite psychedelic fur, January 11th, 1967 (Getty Images)

Keith in Chichester where he was sentenced in court to one years imprisonment for allowing cannabis to be smoked on his premises, June 29th, 1967 (Getty Images)

Keith at the Olympic Sound Studios while making Jean Luc Godard's "Sympathy for the Devil," June 1968. (Getty Images)

Keith at the premiere of the Beatles film, 'Yellow Submarine' with girlfriend Anita Pallenberg, July 18th, 1968 (Getty Images)

Mick and Keith flank Brian Jones and model Suki Poitier on Sept. 26th, 1968 (Getty Images)

Keith, Anita Pallenberg and newborn son Marlon outside King's College Hospital in Dulwich, London, August 18th, 1969 (Getty Images)

Keith with girlfriend with Anita Pallenberg and son, Marlon, at London Airport (now Heathrow) on December 8th 1969 (Getty Images)

Keith and girlfriend Anita Pallenberg, December 9th 1969 (Getty Images)

Keith Richards backstage in Los Angeles, California in the early 1970's (Andrew Kent/Rock Paper Photo)

A portrait of Keith on May 19, 1976. (Getty Images)

Mick and Keith getting close performing at Earl's Court, London, May 25th, 1976. (Getty Images)

A slightly disheveled Keith arriving at Aylesbury Crown Court, where he was facing charges of possession of LSD and cocaine, January 12th 1977 (Getty Images)

Keith Richards in Upstate New York in 1978 shortly after The Rolling Stones' infamous drug bust in Toronto (Michael Putland/Rock Paper Photo)

Keith Richards at Saturday Night Live in New York City in 1978 (Peter Simon/Rock Paper Photo)

Keith shedding his shirt in concert with the Stones at Syracuse on Jan 11, 1981 (Getty Images)

Keith Richards looking INTENSE at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut on November 9, 1981 (Ron Pownall/Rock Paper Photo)

Keith and J-Lo kicking it at the Ian Schrager Hotel Hudson following the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards in October 2000 (Getty Images)

Keith with Paul McCartney and Liv Tyler also following the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards in October 2000 (Getty Images)

Keith casually chewing on a cig at the 16th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Awards March 19, 2001 at the Waldolf Astoria in NYC (Getty Images)

Keith Richards and blonde family at party at Lotus in NYC on August 15, 2001. (Getty Images)

Keith and Mick performing at The Concert for New York City on October 20, 2001 (Getty Images)

Keith and wife Patti Hansen at the premiere of 'Gosford Park' December 3, 2001 at the Ziefeld Theatre in NYC (Getty Images)

Keith sporting pink while performing with the Stones at the Rod Laver Arena February 25, 2003 in Melbourne, Australia (Getty Images)

Keith looking fly at Capitale October 29, 2003 in NYC (Getty Images)

Keith arriving with daughter Alexandra at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 19th Annual Induction Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel March 15, 2004 (Getty Images)

Keith and ZZ Top at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 19th Annual Induction Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel March 15, 2004 in NYC (Getty Images)

Keith was wearing a particular festive bandana at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel March 15, 2004 in NYC (Getty Images)

Mick and Keith at the Julliard Music School May 10, 2005 in NYC (Getty Images)

The Stones performing at the Super Bowl XL halftime show on February 5, 2006 in Detroit, Michigan (Getty Images)

Keith looking a bit bored at a press conference on April 7, 2006 in Shanghai, China. (Getty Images)

Keith in sorta-army fatigues during the Bigger Bang World Tour on April 11, 2006 in Sydney, Australia. (Getty Images)

Keith getting in touch with his inner turtle at the Westpac Stadium on April 18, 2006 in Wellington, New Zealand. (Getty Images)

Keith leaving the Ascot Hospital following brain surgery May 11, 2006 in Auckland, New Zealand (Getty Images)

A particularly prune-y Keith holding court at Hotel Principe di Savoia on July 10, 2006 in Milan, Italy. (Getty Images)

Keith casually smoking a cigarette while inducting 'The Ronettes' into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel March 12, 2007 in NYC (Getty Images)

Keith keeping a safe distance from AOL at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel March 12, 2007 in NYC (Getty Images)

Keith chose to hold his scarf at the premiere of 'Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End' held at Disneyland on May 19, 2007 (Getty Images)

Keith, with suspiciously blackened hair, at the Isle of Wight Festival 2007, at Seaclose Park in Newport June 10 2007 (Getty Images)

Keith with a lot of makeup on at the premiere of 'Sweeney Todd' at the Ziegfeld Theater on December 3, 2007 in NYC (Getty Images)

Keith's all smiles at the 58th Berlinale Film Festival at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on February 7, 2008 in Berlin (Getty Images)

Keith showing off his favorite finger at a press conference for 'Shine A Light' at the New York Palace Hotel on March 30, 2008 (Getty Images)

Keith may have fallen in the car on April 2, 2008 (Getty Images)

Keith with wife Patti Hansen at Spike TV's Scream 2009 held at the Greek Theatre on October 17, 2009 (Getty Images)

Keith FINALLY looking grandfatherly at The Museum of Modern Art on May 11, 2010 in NYC (Getty Images)

Keith signing copies of his autobiography 'Life' at Waterstone's Booksellers Piccadilly on November 3, 2010 (Getty Images)

Keith holding tight to his autobiography while wearing AT LEAST two scarves on November 3, 2010 (Getty Images)

Keith watching Paul McCartney play World Famous Apollo Theater on December 13, 2010 in NYC (Getty Images)

Keith with fellow scarf aficionado Johnny Depp at the premiere of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' held at Disneyland on May 7, 2011 (Getty Images)

Keith Richards visiting "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" at Rockefeller Center on May 11, 2011 (Getty Images)

Keith accepting the Brass Balls award onstage during Spike TV's 2011 'Guys Choice' Awards at Sony Pictures Studios on June 4, 2011 in Culver City, California (Getty Images)

Keith shrugging at the fact he is holding ...brass balls (Getty Images)

Keith and wife Patti Hensen at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards at The Royal Opera House on September 6, 2011 (Getty Images)

Keith and wife Patti Hensen looking adorable at Studio 54 on October 18, 2011 (Getty Images)

Keith lecturing the room on proper headband extensions at the Norman Mailer Center Gala at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on November 8, 2011 in NYC (Getty Images)

Keith surrounded by Lawrence Schiller, Tina Brown, Bill Clinton and Jean-Frederic Dufour at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on November 8, 2011 (Getty Images)

Keith performing with Elvis Costello on February 26, 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts (Getty Images)

Keith giving some mighty weird fingers at the premiere of 'Crossfire Hurricane' at Odeon Leicester Square on October 18, 2012 in London (Getty Images)

Keith looking super fucking Keith Richardsish on October 18, 2012 (Getty Images)

Keith performing at the 2013 Crossroads Guitar Festival at Madison Square Garden on April 13, 2013 in NYC (Getty Images)

Keith showing John Mayer how it's done on May 15, 2013 (Getty Images)

Here's Keith performing at Hyde Park on July 6, 2013 in London (Getty Images)

The Stones with Katy Perry on May 11, 2013 in Las Vegas (Getty Images)

Keith celebrating "Breaking Bad" at the Walter Reade Theatre on July 31, 2013 in NYC (Getty Images)