5 Photos That Just Might Make You Appreciate Today's Subway System

<p>"Around 1920, two elevated subway trains collide at a right angle. This was one of many deadly subway disasters within a short period of time."</p>

<p>"In 1915, a dynamite blast caused the overhead road to cave in on the Seventh Avenue subway line, sending a streetcar collapsing onto the rubble. At least seven people died and nearly 100 were injured."</p>

<p>"Excavation was put on hold for the Seventh Avenue subway line after a taxicab lost control and fell into the work site. To build the underground subway, construction workers used the cut-and-cover method, which would require them to dig into the sediment, create a passageway for the subway, and then rebuild the road above it."</p>

<p>"Passengers try to fit into a Sea Beach bound subway train in 1948."</p>

<p>"Commuters squeeze onto the BMT platform at the Times Square subway station during rush hour."</p>