27 Creepshots Of Fire Island's Luxurious Beach Houses

<a href="">The Belvedere</a>, a men's only guest house in Cherry Grove.<br/>

There's a swimming pool on the other side of that wall, of course.<br/>

Buddha in the interior courtyard.<br/>

The Wizard of Oz, flamingo-style. <br/>

Pretty dope cock flag.<br/>

Stairway to heaven.<br/>

Nobody used this pool all weekend until dawn on labor day, when I heard someone pop a cannonball just before the sun rose. Timing is everything.<br/>

Nestled in among the opulent beach homes, you'll still find modest beach shacks like this, secluded at the end of a winding path.<br/>

A closer look at an old fisherman's shack still standing among the more luxurious beach properties. <br/>