2011: The Year We Got A Space Shuttle, A Giant Slide, And James Franco Didn't Break Up A Street Fight

<p>A totally random look back at the totally random things we remember happening in 2011. Music, movies, museum exhibits, James Franco, and stuff!</p>

<p>The New Museum and <a href="">Carsten Höller</a> gave us a giant slide, and <a href="">other fun stuff</a>! Then the <a href="">Department of Health</a> tried to take it away :( But then they said it was okay and we got to keep it! But someone still got <a href="">an infection</a> from the sensory deprivation tank :( But you can still go enjoy it until January 15th!</p>

<a href="">Savage Beauty</a>In 2010 there was Marina Abramović drawing crowds <a href="">at MoMA</a>, and in 2011 the Met saw massive crowds for their Alexander McQueen exhibit. <a href="">The exhibition</a> displayed many of the late designer's amazing pieces, that even <a href="">Anna Wintour</a> wanted to see up close.

<p>In other museum news: there are <a href="">still no dinosaurs at the Museum of Modern Art</a>, and yet they still dare call themselves a "museum." <a href="">Kanye still played there</a>, though. He must not care about dinosaurs.</p>

<p>Jason Segel delivered us <a href="">a new Muppets movie</a>, and we loved it so much we made him a personalized <a href="">sandwich tour</a> of New York City. Also here in New York, the Jim Henson exhibit was just extended <a href="">at the Museum of Moving Image</a>, so check it out before March 4th.</p>

<p>This year we lost venues like <a href="">Bruar Falls</a> in Williamsburg, who say they had to shut down to the rise of DIY spaces around the neighborhood, which offer cheap, or free, alcohol and admission. We also checked the pulse on the New York music festival, which is <a href="">dying a slow death</a>. At least four New York area festivals were cancelled this year, while others were discontinued or moved<a href=""> to New Jersey</a>.</p>

<p>We saw some cool stuff: the Frick let us go bowling in their <a href="">secret basement bowling alley</a>; we ventured underground to the secret <a href="">FDR train tunnel</a> where Andy Warhol once threw a party; we got an exclusive look at the progress <a href="">at the WTC</a>; and check out <a href="">this old ferry</a> in the Hudson River!</p>

<p>We started looking at how <a href="">New York City has been portrayed</a> in television shows and in movies. So far we've looked at <a href=""><em>Love Story</em></a>, <a href=""><em>Felicity</em></a>, <a href=""><em>Two Broke Girls</em></a>, <a href="">Woody Allen's films</a>, <a href="">Meg Ryan's</a> NYC-based movies, and <a href="">all of these television apartments</a>. We also had the pleasure of visiting <a href="">the <em>Bored to Death</em> set</a> before <a href="">HBO cancelled the show</a> :(</p>

<p>It's not Seattle, it's not the '90s, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about the Cobain-Love clan. This year, we unearthed an old Nirvana video <a href="">filmed at South Street Seaport</a>, prior to the big Nirvana <a href="">reunion in Midtown</a>, celebrating 20 years of <em>Nevermind</em>. Hole also <a href="">reunited for the first time</a>, at MoMA, for a screening of <em>Hit So Hard</em>. And you know what, we really like Courtney Love, and this year <a href="">we put that in writing</a>.</p><p>Also, Kurt and Courtney's daughter Frances Bean turned 19 and did <a href="">a bunch of photoshoots</a>. </p>

<p>Rockaway became <a href="">THE destination spot</a> for staycationing this summer, much to the chagrin of some locals. There was even an adorable boat motel, called Boatel, that <a href="">we spent the night at</a>. Where will the NY Times <a href="">style section</a> go next summer? <a href="">Ridgewood</a>?</p>

<p>After lots of lobbying, NASA finally gave us a space shuttle, which officially became a New Yorker <a href="">last month</a>. It will move into <a href="">its new home</a> in the Spring of 2012.</p>

<p>Can you believe that whole Charlie Sheen thing was happening THIS year? It was only in April that we saw him <a href="">bomb at Radio City Music Hall</a>. Attending that show was the low point of our year, so we'd rather not revisit it.</p>

James Franco accomplished a lifelong list of achievements in just ONE YEAR. He hosted the Oscars, returned to General Hospital, had an art show at Terence Koh's gallery in Chinatown, taught at PS1, taught at NYU (after graduating from NYU and possibly getting an NYU professor fired), he sold an invisible piece of art, starred in a movie about a cute baby ape, tackled dance theater, became Stephen Colbert's "Renaissance Nemesis," told the Yale Daily News to "fuck off," joined Twitter, quit Twitter, and talked about a sex tape that we still haven't been able to track down.And yet, Ryan Gosling still won this year, by breaking up a NYC street fight and not being declared the Sexiest Man of 2011. He certainly deserves this monument.

<p>We helped set up <a href="">some Hipster Traps</a> and Bridge &amp; Tunnel traps with the pranksters behind the project. Didn't catch anything, though.</p>

<p>This year we continued our <a href="">Gothamist House</a> series, with performances from <a href="">Craig Wedren</a> (who we also <a href="">visited Occupy Wall Street</a> with), Amanda Palmer, <a href="">Deer Tick</a>, <a href="">Never Shout Never</a>, and <a href="">Clap Your Hands Say Yeah</a>.</p>

<p>We celebrated <a href="">National Etiquette Week</a>, and then gave some etiquette tips <a href="">to tourists</a>, who also had some etiquette tips to give <a href="">to us</a>. Whatever, in 2012, let's just try to end <a href="">the backpack problem</a> on the subway.</p>

<em>Breakfast at Tiffany's</em> was screened at Brooklyn Bridge Park this summer, but was met with much protest. However, <a href="">our readers were pretty split</a> on whether or not the movie's depiction of an Asian man was racist?

<p>This year started off with our first glimpse of the <a href="">Girl Walk // All Day</a> project (via <a href="">this video</a> of a girl dancing on the Staten Island Ferry). We were totally smitten with the project—which combines dancing, New York City, and Girl Talk's latest album—and were thrilled we got to premiere the whole thing on Gothamist (starting with <a href="">Chapter 1</a>, and with three more chapters to go!).</p>