14 Photos Of The Statue Of Liberty Getting A Makeover In 1984

<p>Taken on December 17, 1985</p>

<p>View looking down on torch and flame from top of scaffolding; ventilator cap has been removed from flame prior to removal of torch on July 4, 1984</p>

<p>Close-in view of left-side of head showing detail of crown. May 1984</p>

<p>Left-side view looking southwest, taken from construction pier. May 1984</p>

<p>Left-side view looking west showing statue and pedestal with walls of Fort Wood and entrance to construction ramp in foreground. February 1984.</p>

<p>Taken in February 1984</p>

<p>View from base of statue looking straight up left side of toga. May 1984.</p>

<p>Interior view of east-side of statue looking up showing secondary iron frame and strap-iron armature supporting copper skin of toga. February 1984</p>

<p>Profile view of left-side of face. May 1984</p>

<p>View looking up forearm showing hand gripping torch. May 1984</p>

<p>Broken shackles, axe head and right foot at base. May 1984</p>

<p>Head and tiara after removal of spikes</p>