14 Photos Of City Life In 1974

<p>Original caption: "Man Lounging on a Park Bench with His Radio on the Reis Park Boardwalk in New York City. 07/1974"</p>

<p>Original caption: "Midtown Skyline of New York City Seen From Queens. 08/74"</p>

<p>Original caption: "Sports Heroes Are the Motifs in These Wall Paintings on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn. 07/74"</p>

<p>Original caption: "Row Houses on Bond Street in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Remains One of America's Best Surviving Examples of a 19th Century City. Some of the Best American Architecture Survives in Her 'Worst' Neighborhoods, Only Because It Hasn't Been Demolished Most of All, the Inner City Environment Is Human Beings, as Beautiful and Threatened as the 19th Century Buildings They Inhabit 07/1974"</p>

<p>"Wall Painting at Division and Forsyth Streets in Lower Manhattan, New York City. This Project Is a Portrait of the Inner City Environment. It Contains Life, Large Wall Murals and People Enjoying Themselves. 06/74"</p>

<p>Original caption: "Turn of the Century Brownstone Apartments Being Painted and Renovated by Their Owners in Brooklyn. 07/74"</p>

<p>Original caption: "Inner City Life on Bond Street in Brooklyn, New York City. 07/74"</p>

<p>Original caption: "Fire Set by the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute to Test Wires and Insulation in New York City. 06/74"</p>

<p>Original caption: "RKO Bushwick Theater in Brooklyn. 07/74"</p>

<p>Original caption: "An Example of Brooklyn Architecture on Vanderbilt Avenue in New York City. 06/74"</p>

<p>Original caption: "Brooklyn's Bushwick Avenue Seen From an Elevated Train Platform. 06/74"</p>

<p>Original caption: "Graffiti with a Supergraphic 'Vail' and Other Words on a Wall in Brooklyn. 07/74"</p>

<p>Original caption: "Row Houses in Brooklyn. 06/1974"</p>

<p>Original caption: "Kids Enjoying Playground Equipment in East River Park in Manhattan. 07/74"</p>