In case the chill in the air didn't tip you off, yesterday marked the start of costumed-public-spectacle season, as the fine drinking establishments of the East Village welcomed the eager participants of the annual Zombiecon bar crawl.

But this year's festivities were just a little bit different, as Kostime Kult, organizers of all sorts of joyous mayhem around the city, decided to branch off with the first ever KlownyCon.

Why, you ask? Read the KlownyCon manifesto: "All across the country creepy 'K' clowns are replacing zombies as the scariest thing imaginable. Helicopter parents everywhere pull their kids from schools while neighbors wince through shuttered windows, horrified by creepy clown sightings from hundreds of miles away… Will the klowns jaywalk? Will people wet themselves? Will anyone get a grip?"

No one wet themselves as far as we could see, but a lot of people did laugh as the Kreepy Klowns made their way downtown from Beauty Bar on 14th Street. The clowns lurched through the streets trying to scare people, but most were unfazed (except for those who were too cool to even crack a smile).

Over at Continental Bar, home of the fabled "5 Shots Of Anything For $10", Zombiecon proper was getting off to a slow start, but several undead were feeling no pain long before dark. Check out photos of the zombies and clowns colliding with regular New Yorkers above.