Earlier today, hot-headed actor Alec Baldwin ended up having a rage attack against a pair of Daily News photographers in lower Manhattan, allegedly punching one. Baldwin had been at the marriage bureau to get a marriage license with fiancee Hilaria Thomas when he became upset at the photographers trying to take pictures of him. So later in the day, Baldwin decided the only way he could avoid photographers was to wear a white covering (sheet? blanket? big towel?) over his head while on an Upper East Side sidewalk. Hey, doesn't he know the bride wears the veil?!

As for the morning incident, News photographer Marcus Santos says he had been waiting to take pictures of City Councilman Larry Seabrook (you know, the $177 bagel politician), and, after getting the Seabrook photo, he was called away to get a shot of Baldwin. There, Santos noticed that fellow News photographer Jefferson Siege had attracted Baldwin's ire.

So Santos tried to defend Siegel, only for Baldwin to direct his anger at him: "That's when Alec Baldwin turned around and came after me and started punching me and pushing me. I say stop, stop don't touch me, and as you see in the pictures, I was far away from him and he lunged at me like 'Raging Bull.' And I didn't think that could happen to me because I usually tend to be nice to everybody, I tend to respect everybody, I always give everybody space."

While Baldwin's rep insisted that the actor didn't punch anyone (and blamed the photographer for getting physical), freelance photographer Goran Veljic told the Post that Baldwin hit Santos. He added that Baldwin seemed really angry, "I don't know why -- you're getting married, you should be happy. It was very unusual... I was scared. I moved inside. I thought maybe he was crazy."

Update: A reader pointed out Baldwin's ghost act is reminiscent of... Beetlejuice: