Woody Allen is back in town filming his latest cinematic salvo, "Untitled Woody Allen Summer Project 2016." Barring a few scenes in Blue Jasmine, this is the first time Allen has made a film in the city in nearly seven years, since Whatever Works, Which This Movie Doesn't.

This new film stars Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, Parker Posey, Corey Stall, Steve Carell and not-Bruce Willis. Judging by the period costumes and early set reports, it appears to take place in the mid-to-late 1930s. Eisenberg and Stewart apparently smoosh their faces together at some point. Fun fact: the puffy-haired Eisenberg looks insufferable in 1930s garb!

Stewart told The Hollywood Reporter that she plays a character that’s “quite buoyant and exemplifies lightness.” There's also this:

As for working with Allen, Stewart says he's "exactly what you expect him to be.

"Woody's an interesting guy. He's gentle, which I didn't necessarily expect because he's quite dom-like and can be sarcastic, but he's so cut-and-dried, too. He minces no words."

In the hallowed tradition of The Amazing Paul Giamatti's Face 2, Gothamist crept around two shooting locations today in Chinatown (on Eldridge and East Broadway) and Greenwich Village (11st Street and 5th Avenue) to get some XXXclusive pics of Allen magically transforming lower Manhattan into a very authentic replica of the 1930s. Check it out below!!!!

Here is a 100% authentic must-credit-Gothamist photo of Woody Allen possibly texting or something on his cellular device.

Eric Silver/Gothamist

Here are two women in vintage 1930s dress using their vintage 1930s smartphones to sext vintage 1930s suitors.

Eric Silver/Gothamist

Here is a car.

Eric Silver/Gothamist

Here is a 100% authentic must-credit-Gothamist photo of Woody Allen struggling to talk to someone on his cellular device due to the cell phone-blocking death ray which we brought to this shoot.

Eric Silver/Gothamist

Here you can see Fifth Avenue magically transformed into the Fifth Avenue of yesterday. The wonders of film!

Eric Silver/Gothamist

Here you can see a ghost.

Eric Silver/Gothamist

Here you can see Miles, Jack & Sam's wardrobes, plus a severed hand we left as a present for Woody.

Eric Silver/Gothamist

And finally, here is a 100% authentic must-credit-Gothamist photo of Woody Allen covering his other ear as he continues to struggle to hear our muffled instructions over the phone about which garbage can to place the bag full of non-consecutive $100 bills in.

Eric Silver/Gothamist