While you were curled up on the couch last night swiping left on Tinder until your thumb bled, other adventurous New Yorkers were getting out there in the world doing unimaginably dirty things to the air. The 2014 Air Sex Championships went down (HA HA) at Drom, where participants competed to see who could most dramatically fornicate with oxygen, which we all know is pretty promiscuous. Here's video:

Contestants performing under pseudonyms like "Juan Believable" reenacted ribald tales of sexual adventure, seducing the air with a seemingly endless repertoire of explicit wiggles, thrusts, grinds, and bends. This year's champion received a prize in the form of a Fleshlight, a device that, well, we're probably supposed to be sex positive about male masturbation devices, so we'll just leave you with this [NSFWish]. It just seems a little weird that any man needs a Fleshlight when there's all this hot air around him just begging to be sexed.