Last night we chatted with a few of the hundreds of women (and some men!) waiting on line at the Union Square Barnes & Noble to have their books signed by E.L. James, author of the infamous erotica novel Fifty Shades of Grey. If you've been living under a rock, the book—dubbed "mommy porn" by some—has been causing quite a stir because of its illicit content and the subsequent public discovery that women are actually sexual creatures. Yeah, Women's Lib! Next step, labor reparations.

The volume and diversity of the turnout was impressive, and everyone we spoke to was incredibly friendly, and jumped at the opportunity to talk about the book. Click through on the photos to see who's reading, and why.

Another journalist who attended the event wrote: "I spent a chunk of my college newspaper reporting days covering events and what not, so I’ve seen a lot of unusual things over the years. All of it paled in comparison to the atmosphere of today’s reading, which felt like a Justin Bieber concert for women fifteen years older than his demographic. The screaming, the waiting, the energy, and the idolization were a lot to take in. I thought people stopped obsessing over pop culture productions after age 12, but clearly, I know nothing about the way our society works.These ladies went wild for James and book character Christian Grey, whom many described as perfect and the ideal guy. Yes, a physically abuse control freak is a stand-up fellow as long as he can buy you Chanel bags and new cars."