Yesterday we took a look at some "ruin porn" around New York City—you know, those crumbling and abandoned places that we can't look away from, so beautiful in their decay. The best "ruin porn," on the abandoned side of the spectrum, existed on Governors Island around 2000, after the Coast Guard vacated but before it became a public space. Remnants of a military brat lifestyle were still around, but abandoned—there was an old Burger King, a movie theater, a bowling alley. The island was a time capsule preserving 1980s suburban America, but in the shadows of the Manhattan skyline.

While many of these buildings have been torn down, they were photographed by Andrew Moore just as the island was returned to the people of New York (for $1!). His photos—published in this beautiful book from 2005—show the island at a public and private crossroads.

And that Burger King? It even made an appearance in issue 615 of Spiderman, according to Governors Island Blog, where they also point out the fast food franchise sold 32 ounce beers for 2 bucks.

via Governors Island Blog