Above the glowing iPhones capturing photos to Instagram, artist Michael Arthur sat in the balcony's stage booth at Webster Hall last night to visually document the shows in another way: reliable ol' ink. Below are some of his observations, adn click through for his sketchbook report.

"Last night's Tune-Yards concert at Webster Hall was one of those shows that had a home town feel to it. The house was packed by the time opening band, Sylvan Esso (from North Carolina) took the stage and they were cheered like headliners for their final night of the tour. During the Tune Yards set, I was seated in--and got to do these drawings from-- a booth on the stage left side, offering me a unique angle on the almost mystic energy that envelopes the band. The joy they emanate together is palpable.

Tune-Yards is an extension of the music and visions that appear in Merrill Garbus's head. For the current incarnation of the group, the band has been filled out with a few extra players, including two backup singers, New Yorkers Jo Lampert and Abigail Nesson Bengson. I know Jo from Joe's Pub days—where I am the archival artist and Jo began as an intern and became a full time staff member. I was delighted when her introduction brought a massive cheer from the house.

It was a fun night and my first introduction to Tune-Yards live; it'll be hard to beat sitting practically on stage, but I look forward to seeing where Garbus's vision takes the band. They have the feel of an emerging stadium act and those of us who got to see the Webster Hall show will probably be grateful for the opportunity in a couple of years..."

Some videos from this week's shows below: