With the power still out in downtown Manhattan (coming back any day now!) after Hurricane Sandy, a once packed and noisy section of New York City is now an eerie, cold and quiet scene come nightfall. Well, quiet unless you are near somebody lucky enough to have a generator rumbling. Here's a little sliver of what it is like.

What doesn't really come across in photos and videos is that it isn't quite as dark as it appears. When the moon emerges you really can see quite clearly—and some stars are even out. If you ever wanted to know what SoHo was like before the artists moved in and cleaned it up, this is your chance. And if you ever wondered how traffic in a densely populated area works without traffic lights the answer is... surprisingly well. Still, it will be nice when the power comes back.

And for a really good sense of what walking around is like, here's a three-mile walk in the dark city from Tuesday:

And this gives you a sense of the traffic in the Village at night:

Though the area has been hit hard—losing power is a very serious issue—it's also worth remembering that there are much harder hit areas in this town. Including the Rockaways, Breezy Point, Red Hook and of course Staten Island and New Jersey.