July 31st, 2013 will now forever be known as the day that Maxwell's, the beloved and iconic NJ music venue, closed down its beloved Hoboken home. Yesterday the club went out with a bang, thanks to a raucous block party as well as performances from "a", the Bongos, The Individuals and Delicate Steve.

Maxwell's helped foster NJ musical acts as well as nurtured emerging bands from other cities that later became huge. The news about Maxwell's demise was announced last month, but more recently there's been word of a possible Jersey City venue from co-owner Todd Abramson.

NJ.com has a recap of the show—"During "a's" hour-long set, [Glen] Morrow pretended it was still 1978 and praised Hoboken for its many charms, including the $65 rent he and his bandmates paid for a six-room flat, or the fact that you could travel to Manhattan on the PATH train for a quarter"—and there were guest appearances from members of the Feelies and Yo La Tengo. And here are some of the performances:

Delicate Steve:

The Individuals with Dave Weckerman of the The Feelies:

The Bongos:


And a song with Steve Fallon and Todd Abramson: