NYC survived another SantaCon with minimum damage, give or take a couple serious injuries, some scarred children, lots of discarded holiday clothing, and a massacre of Solo cups. Unlike last year's unfortunately-timed concurrence with a police brutality protest, there was no great narrative to this year's festivities, just a lot of very inebriated people in pursuit of some sort of vomit-flavored zen.

True, the moment of silence for oppressed people all over the world was pretty shallow, and the argument that "the terrorists win" if the city brushed aside this fratastic display of daydrinking was pretty silly. But this year's participants seemed acutely aware of all the eyes on them, and behaved accordingly. Forget the nihilistic bacchanalia that was the first SantaCon—this year's event didn't even live up to the chaos of 2013, when everyone was acting like they had reached the 'anger' stage of a three-day bender.

I mean, it still was a hell of a pain in the butt wading through the crowds.

And I would not wish this walk home on my worst enemy:

But there were also whimsical sights to be had, like the crew of lowriders blasting "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

Still, this is SantaCon. Which means there were plenty of people using the day's festivities as an excuse to let out their inner douche.

If organizers could put a moratorium on caroling, it might be good for everyone.

SantaCon Subway Rideby Gothamist

Anyway, some lessons were learned.

We just hope all the participants got home safe—and that subway and street cleaners get a big fat Christmas bonus for putting up with this shit.

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