Scarlett Johansson is now a member of the Five Timers Club, the elite group of performers who have hosted Saturday Night Live five or more times. She pointed out her last hosting gig was in 2015 "when the most upsetting thing in the news was that Mad Men was ending."

The cold open was a President Trump vs. aliens skit, but there was a much sharper attack on a different Trump later in the show. Johansson played Ivanka Trump in a perfume commercial for a fragrance called, "Complicit," with a voiceover asking, "A feminist, an advocate, a champion for women, but, like, how? She's loyal, devoted but probably should have bounced after the whole Access Hollywood bus thing... I bet when she watches Titanic she thinks she’s Rose — Sorry girl, you’re Billy Zane." The ad signed off, "The fragrance for the woman who could stop all this, but won't."

Another clever pre-taped bit was a lesbian counterpart to Logo TV's Fire Island—instead of ripped gay men partying, Cherry Grove features lesbians restricting their children's screen time and completing puzzles.

Leslie Jones brought back her ninja character, Shanice Goodwin, now competing against another ninja (Johansson), while Kate McKinnon reprised her frisky part-mermaid, part blobfish, Shud. McKinnon also popped up as Attorney General Jeff Sessions on "Weekend Update," along with Alex Moffat as Senator Al Franken; McKinnon said that "Franken" showed him "Jew stuff," so Moffat explained, "We had lunch at a deli, Jeff."

"Weekend Update" also saw Pete Davidson give his youth report, which included the assessment that White House adviser Stephen Miller looks like "Fredo Corleone, had he been sicker as a child."

You can see all the show's sketches—including a zoo "pornographer"; a dog translator; the sketch that Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett wrote on the "Day Without Women"; behind-the-scenes of an Olive Garden commercial shoot; a funeral service revelation—and Lorde's performances if you click through the gallery above.