English beat combo The Rolling Stones made their highly-anticipated Brooklyn debut last night at the Barclays Center for the first of three NYC-area shows. And they gave the crowd their money's worth with a 2 1/4 hour, 23-song set filled with '60s classics ("Paint It Black," "The Last Time"), '70s warhorses ("Miss You," "Brown Sugar"), a pair of new tunes ("Gloom And Doom," "One More Shot"), and a healthy dose of Keith Richards ("Happy," "Before They Make Me Run"). As always, Mick Jagger was the boundlessly energetic center of it all, sashaying across the stage "like a woman in high heels trying to walk in more than one direction at once."

Oh sure, Jagger let loose with a couple corny jokes, including this one before the Mary J Blige-assisted "Gimme Shelter:" "We came here by the subway. I sat next to this really nice bloke who didn’t have a clue who I was...it turned out to be Jay-Z." That may have qualified as a "Metamucil moment" to the Post, but there was no denying that effort and joy the band—especially Mick—put into the performance. “People always ask us, why do you keep touring?” he said to the audience at one point. “You’re the reason we really do this.”

Between Jagger's showmanship, Richard's impeccable guitar riffs, Ron Wood's steady counterpoints and Charlie Watt's unimpeachable professionalism, it's very difficult to imagine anyone not having a great time. The Stones may be well past the point where they make new music that enthralls listeners the way the cream of their '60s and '70s (and Tattoo You) material does—but this wasn't purely a nostalgic trip either. The band has been in much stronger form during this "50 and Counting" tour than their last one in 2007; the added energy was apparent from the get-go with opener "Get Off Of My Cloud."

You can check out the setlist below. The Stones will play Prudential Center in Newark on Thursday and Saturday—Saturday's show will also be streamed online and broadcast on pay-per-view, for those who can't make it to the show.

The Rolling Stones Setlist Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA 2012, 50 & Counting