To mark the release of her third album, ARTPOP, Lady Gaga hosted an art rave at the Brooklyn Navy Yard very early this morning, the day of her album release. Not only was the whole thing livestreamed, but her costumed little monsters were also on hand mixing amongst Gaga's guests from the art, tech, and fashion worlds. Also? There were hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and more than a few lip synced performances by the Lady of the hour, who emerged around 12:45 a.m. in front of a massive, custom-made Jeff Koons statue of herself because of course.

The artRave also included new works from Marina Abramovic, Inez & Vinoodh, and Robert Wilson. And to round it all out with some tech, there were uniformed women around to explain Gaga's new album app to attendees.

But no album release party is complete without a press conference regarding the technology for a "flying dress" (the beta version allows one to hover a few feet above the ground)—and Gaga held one of those early this morning as well. Below you can get a look at that (spoiler: the dress is basically an airplane), as well as her performance.