Last night, a hyphen-less Jay Z and Justin Timberlake brought their joint tour to Yankee Stadium. They performed both together—on songs like "Just Wanna Love You," "Rock Your Body," "99 Problems"—and separately. The duo even separately paid homage to the great state they were in, with Timberlake belting out "New York, New York," which naturally led to Jay Z's "Empire State of Mind," with a guest appearance from Alicia Keys.

"99 Problems":

"Holy Grail":

"Forever Young," dedicated to Trayvon Martin:

"Empire State of Mind":

"I Just Wanna Love You" and "Rock Your Body":

"I Want You Back":


"Izzo (HOVA)":


Newsday's Glenn Gamboa said, "It showed how Timberlake and Jay-Z [sic!] were able to push each other to new heights. And as long as that continues, this odd couple has a future." And the NY Times' Jon Pareles noted, "Jay-Z [sic!!] and Mr. Timberlake make a disparate pairing: the rapper and the singer, the triumphant hustler and the boyish romantic, the ex-drug dealer and the ex-Mouseketeer. On this tour, street smarts met old-fashioned song-and-dance showbiz. Mr. Timberlake could not ask for a better partner than Jay-Z, who lends him gravity and grit. Meanwhile, Mr. Timberlake gives Jay-Z some warmth and longing to go with his braggadocio. It is a calculated partnership, but the calculations pay off for both sides."

The pair perform tonight as well.