The New Museum's awesome Carsten Höller survey opened to the public today, meaning that you (yes, you!) can now enjoy a 102-foot-long slide from the museum's fourth floor down to its second. But looking at those photos of the slide in action, one has to wonder, how exactly the museum managed to install the darn thing. It isn't like there used to be gaping holes in the floors before. Luckily, the boxy Bowery institution has put together a few short videos and a slideshow that gives you a sense of just how much sweat equity went into letting grownups feel like tots again.

So how'd they do it? Very carefully. As you can see, the installation required cutting up and ripping out chunks of the museums cement floors and then slowly lowering pieces of the slide into place. Finally the whole thing had to be welded together and topped off with clear plastic. Worth it? In the words that used to adorn the museum, Hell Yes!

Watch the slide videos below: