British actress Felicity Jones kicked off the new year by hosting Saturday Night Live. The Rogue One star didn't reference her Star Wars film as much as Adam Driver did when he hosted last year, but there was a hologram of Tina Fey during the monologue. And, no, despite what you're thinking, Fey wasn't dressed as Princess Leia—it was just something she got at Eileen Fisher.

Overall, the episode was alright—the cold open dealt with golden showers; the "Theater Donor" sketch was an opportunity for a gross-out and seeing if the cast would break; "Beard Hunk" amusingly covered how horrible "The Bachelor" and its contestants are. The sharpest sketches were "Shonda and Malik," a digital short about two rival criminals; "Susan B. Anthony," about a group of feminists who conjure up Susan B. Anthony; and "The Princess and the Curse," another digital short about true love (with Kate McKinnon as a Maleficent-style witch). Michael Che was also great during a Weekend Update riff on black-on-black crime.

Perhaps SNL writers are just gearing up for the post-Inauguration episode on Saturday, January 21, which will feature Aziz Ansari and Big Sean.