Yesterday we asked Dan Deacon to estimate the size of the crowd at Union Square for the May Day rally—a representative with Occupy Wall Street's press liaison team said "between ten thousand and a hundred million," while other estimates ranged in the low thousands. Deacon has performed his blend of breakbeat noise-pop in front of hundreds of crowds, so what did he think? "I never make crowd estimates," Deacon said. "But even if the park was packed and there were people hanging out of every window, it wouldn't be enough." The prevailing mood of the rally was more Coachella than Wildcat, as OWS protesters, students, and union members danced together in the 70-degree weather.

We missed most of Tom Morello's set, which he performed with the help of his Guitarmy that was assembled a few hours before in Bryant Park. Here's him performing "Worldwide Rebel Song."

Das Racist was marred by audio issues but people seemed to bob their heads anyway. A man who looked to be in his 70s sitting in a chair under the press tent nodded. "This sounds nice."

Dan Deacon hopped off the stage and divided up the crowd into groups to promote dancing. The crowd obliged. The performance starts around 1:30 in this video.

Immortal Technique rounded out the rally in what was arguably the most spirited performance of the day. A few of the older union members cringed at the sporadic use of "motherfuckers," but the crowd seemed genuinely enthralled.

"We all played 11 minute sets," Deacon said after his performance. "I haven't played a lot of shows where everyone is given an equal amount of time, no matter what. I guess in a way it feeds into that sense of community that this movement has, that everyone is equal, no one's better than anyone else."