The polar vortex must be over—a nearly naked man ran onto a catwalk at a Fashion Week show. Naturally, the streaker is a profession rabblerouser, who recently grabbed Leonardo DiCarprio's crotch at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

Designer Prabal Gurung was presenting his collection at Moynihan Station—to raves—when Ukrainian TV host Vitaly Sediuk hopped onstage in a black trench coat, red socks, and a thong with, as the AP reports, "animal ears, googly eyes and a red tongue sticking out." Animal-themed thongs are popular with streakers; see Craig Coakley, 2009 Mets streaker.

While a security guard was busy chasing Sediuk, a model never broke her concentration and more seasoned fashionistas were also sanguine; the NY Times reports that Vogue editor Anna Wintour was "equally unfazed."

Sediuk used a Ukrainian press pass to get into the show. Gurung told WWD, "What can you do? Would I have liked it to be seamless? Yes. I hope he got his 15 seconds and I hope he got some pleasure out of it, I really do. And that's all I can ask for." Keep in mind, Sediuk is also the same guy who tried to kiss Will Smith at a premiere, only for Smith to smack him: