Gays, fruit flies, queens, and a smattering of the press came out to The Out last night to attend a media junket/live viewing of the finale of season four of the only show worth watching on Logo, RuPaul's Drag Race. We were there too—how could we say no to that invite?—and we can assure you that it was most definitely whatever the current euphemism for cah-razy gay is ('fierce' and 'fabulous' are both out now, right?). RuPaul wasn't in the house, but everyone else was—and not only were there queens galore, but there were also painted beefcakes, a drag funeral with Amanda Lapore, sexy secrets sort of revealed and lots and lots of lip syncing, of course!

Before the party started a gaggle of media types were invited to The Out's XL club to talk to the show's queens. Gay Canadian TV was there! Though the actual finale had already been taped, all the girls played along and pretended they didn't know that [SPOILER] Sharon Needles won. Which got a little old, but luckily they were all still talked a good game. Everyone was very aware and upfront about the way the show edits down 48-72 hours of footage into each episode and the parts that they played in that process. "The editors loved me," cackled fan-favorite and "Ms. Congeniality" winner Latrice Royale.

This season's villain, Phi Phi O'Hara, owned up to understanding how she was portrayed in the show but not really caring. The fact that it had led her to unexpectedly reunite with an estranged uncle seemed to make up for all of it. Meanwhile, most of the queens shared stories of the show's impressive fan base and all of them talked about how the show has helped them—nothing like appearing on a TV show great way to book gigs and get attention!

Speaking of attention, Willem Belli, who already had something of a name for herself (having appeared in things like Sex and the City and Blood Rayne: The Third Reich) was there too. And yes, she did talk about being booted from the show mid-season (which she immediately parlayed into a viral song about Chick-fil-A). On the finale that aired last night the reason given for her departure was because her boyfriend snuck into her hotel room between tapings for sexy times. But when asked for details about her exit, she made it sound like there was more to tell.

"What they say happened just makes me sound slutty, and its not really the reason I got kicked off," she told us. So why did she go? "Well, I stole a pillow from the Interior Illusions lounge for my boat." And that was the reason? "No, but it'll all come out," she told us before pushing a new single she'd just made available on iTunes.

Speaking of singles, it seemed like almost all of the queens have one coming out. One notable exception was runner-up and generally fabulous Cher-impersonator Chad Michaels. "I've heard those girls singles," she quipped. "And never heard them again." Asked if Cher had given her any love since the show began she wistfully told us no, but that it was okay as this was Cher we were talking about.

And so on. After the talking it was time for the party. Theoretically 1,000 tickets to the event were handed out, but somehow the space never really felt packed with people. Packed with characters though? Oh yeah.

The audience was rapt as the finale aired, hooting for their favorites (Sharon, by a long shot) and booing the rest (poor Phi Phi). Then after, the show was finished Sharon Needles was crowned and each contestant performed a lip sync number. Willem, naturally, did her Chick-fil-A number, Donna Summer was sung, and it was a good reminder of what you get at a basic drag show. Finally, to wrap the night up, Sharon came out in a coffin for a fake funeral with a number of local personalities, including the inescapable Amanda Lapore. Sadly, having been there since the afternoon, our camera was dead at that point. Still, we think the shots we did get should give you some sense of what you missed....