Brazilian artists (and brothers) Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, a.k.a. Os Gemeos, have taken over Times Square for the month. Every night, from 11:57 p.m. until midnight, animation of their characters will grace billboards at the crossroads of the world.

The project, called Parallel Connection, is part of Midnight Moment, presented by The Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts. According to a press release, the short, which was developed specifically for Times Square, "breaks the barriers between imagination and reality. The brothers, Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, want to connect with the joyful and creative aspects that they feel every individual has inside of themselves and can visualize through dreams. The dream world is the one place where every person in the universe can be connected if they can just break the barriers between imagination and the physical world."

OSGEMEOS Parallel Connection in Times Squareby Gothamist

Times Square Arts Director Sherry Dobbin said, "Os Gemeos have been on our wish list as their work engages the imagination of the viewers, seduces them with vibrant aesthetics and pulls everyone into a world in which diversity, humor and humanity co-exist." And Os Gemeos released a statement saying, "We are very happy to try new media, because it was always exciting. This is the first time that we created something of this scale, using screens and a longer animation. It is a dialogue between two worlds, where the viewer is in the middle of the stage, and establishes a conversation between the imaginary and the real world, a break in time to reflect and daydream."

These are the signs that are giving up their branding for the effort: ABC Super Sign, American Eagle Times Square, Bank of America, Branded Cities 7 Times Square, Branded Cities NASDAQ Tower Times Square, Branded Cities Thomson Reuters, Outfront Media 1515 Broadway/ Viacom North & South, CEMUSA, City Outdoor, Clear Channel Spectacolor HD127/CNN, Clear Channel Spectacolor HD128, Disney Store Spectacular, Sherwood Equities 1 Times Square, Superior Digital Displays Three Times Square #5, Superior Digital Displays Triple Play.