Interspecies friendships might be the only thing keeping me sane these days, so I am required by law to share these insanely cute photographs and video of a two-year-old French bulldog named Nono who helps foster kittens from the ASPCA's Kitten Nursery. No one will judge you if you immediately watch this video again.

Nono's human is Megan Noes, who is manager of the ASPCA’s Kitten Nursery on the Upper East Side. They foster kittens at their home when the ASPCA is overwhelmed with kitties during feline breeding season—aka Kitten Season—which lasts from April through September.

Nono is a Very Good Boy and a Very Awesome Foster Dad: he plays with the kittens AND he grooms them AND he doesn't even try to eat them! The ASPCA says that this helps the kittens' socialization, which will make it easier for them to interact with humans and other pets. According the Post, Nono has been fostering since June 2017 and has socialized 13 kittens—plus there are four more, Frankie, Ilana, Imogen, and Isabel, in his care now.

The ASPCA hopes the public will be encouraged to foster kittens by starting a #MeowForNow campaign to sign up interested foster parents. These little nuggets need a lot of help!

ASPCA President & CEO Matt Bershadker says, "Fostering is so important that we even encourage foster families NOT to adopt their kittens so their homes remain available to animals in need. During kitten season, the need for fosters can be even greater than the need for adopters." The new ASPCA Kitten Nursery, which can care for up to 2,000 kittens (ASPCA had 1,578 kittens last year!), opened April 15th and they already have taken in 632 kittens, sending 316 to foster homes.

And in case you wanted a permanent roommate, the ASPCA is waiving the $75 adoption fees for cats one-year and older to celebrate Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month.