The lamestream world of Big Fashion may have bailed on Fashion's Night Out (RIP tons of free stuff for no reason), but at least the Lower East Side still knows how to party. Last night's Lower East Side Opening Night: Art + Fashion drew crowds all up and down Orchard Street, as the neighborhood, for the second straight year, celebrated the start of the fall season in style.

The culmination of the fashion festivities was the Looks of the Lower East Side runway show, where local designers and boutiques like Georgia NYC, La Petite Mort, and SHUT Skates are given the opportunity to strut their stuff on a legit catwalk in the middle of Orchard. The models were mostly dancers from the Paul Taylor Dance Company (who also performed a few pieces throughout the evening), or workers from the stores, giving the event a distinctly DIY feel. But what it lacked in glamour and fabulous outrageousness, it made up for in amateur appeal.

In conjunction with the fashion, the galleries of Orchard Street held openings last night as well, which, if nothing else, ensured that everyone could get all liquored up for free. Art tip: if you enjoy looking at tons of photos of sexy, naked, red-haired men, Thomas Knights' Red Hot at Bosi Contemporary is your move.

Punkish bands played, curated by Cake Shop; Lost Weekend NYC gave away coconut milk and pineapple burgers; several stores had special sales and/or tubs of free beer; Sophie Crumb and her mom Aline—that'd be "R."'s daughter and wife, respectively—were on hand for their show at DCKT Contemporary; a couple of guys brought snakes to play with (live snakes everywhere is now officially a thing); there was a screening in the back seat of an old Nissan Pulsar NX from Nebraska; and one rogue performance artist got the NYPD boot for playing amplified music without a permit.