When the big disco ball finally does stop spinning and the record plants are all shut down, after the last rock critics of late 21st Century have published their longread goodbyes, "All My Friends" will go down as something truly special. The song is a giddy catalog of the memories you can only make by looking outward, dropping your guard, and being with people. Last night, as LCD Soundsystem launched into its final verses, it felt like the thousands of people in attendance understood each other.

To say there were high stakes for James Murphy and his indie-dance group during their day 3 Panorama headlining spot would be an understatement. The band announced they were permanently disbanding in 2011, and as the final bars of "New York, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down" echoed inside Madison Square Garden, that was the last we thought we'd hear from them.

But it was not the end, and—following an ongoing stint in the wine bar and Heineken biz—Murphy brought bandmates Nancy Whang, Pat Mahoney and company back together. Murphy's decision to exhume the group for a festival-heavy tour and upcoming fourth album was called out for "manipulative bullshit" (and also labeled as just plain "weird").

If Sunday night's set is any indication, the band has aged just fine over the past five years. They delivered extended takes on songs like "Someone Great" and "Losing My Edge" showing that Murphy is willing to take risks and improvise. Their Alan Vega tribute rendition of "Bye Bye Bayou" fit the moment perfectly, and all night the octet played with driving urgency. "We're trying to get through as many songs as we can tonight," Murphy said after the first ten minutes. "So excuse us if it's fast and we don't talk a lot." Two hours and fifteen songs later, there were no more excuses to be made. Randall's Island was one giant, screaming, dance party. The past might be gone, but LCD Soundsystem is back. You can still come home to this.