A tipster sent along these photos taken around 1 p.m. at Court Street and Warren, wondering if it's the latest from Banksy (who earlier today put up a new piece in East New York). We're told that the animals are animated and making sounds of squeaking toys—"That's what got me out to the sidewalk. It was so loud. Not sure but i think someone was in the truck banging as if the animals were trying to escape."

The truck's door does have the Banksy 1-800 number on it, but so far there's nothing about it when you call the line.

When asked about the truck, the driver said he "didn't know anything, I'm just the delivery guy." We'll update when we have more information, but the truck is now on the move, so be on the lookout!

UPDATE: On October 11th Banksy confirmed this was his work, titled The Sirens Of The Lambs.