We live in an age of miracles, so the fact that there's a piano currently taking up residence in the East River is just another wonderful NYC occurrence, right up there with legal pet ferrets. Which means this is the perfect time to get your friends together and make a very dramatic, waterlogged music video pantomiming to "A Thousand Miles" or "My Life" or whatnot. Just keep in mind that the thing doesn't really play anymore, so you'll have to put in the extra effort, like this lady in the video below, to really make it sing.

But hold up: what's a piano even doing in the East River? So far, calls to the city's Department Of River Junk and Department Of Pianos have not been returned. It doesn't appear to be one of the 'Street Pianos', and the Sing For Hope Pianos (aka, the Pop-Up Pianos) that were everywhere last summer aren't coming this year. There have been other pianos placed in the vicinity of the Bridge, but never that close to the sand. Judging by the very poor state of the piano, which was first spotted this past Monday under the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side, is it possible that the piano washed ashore in one piece?

The woman in the video above passionately fake-playing did bring along a few camerapeople with her (or at least there were some brave souls who dared venture into the water with her, cameras-in-hand), but we're assuming she was just taking advantage of the serendipitous piano (as any sane person would). We can't imagine someone would drag a much-abused piano into the water, then leave it there for the past three days. So we're giving her the benefit of the doubt, perhaps swayed by her disregard for the various forms of unique East River bacteria now inhabiting her body.

We'll update when we learn more information about its origins and/or final fate (it seems like a good candidate for rehabilitation by Sing For Hope). You can see a rundown of Twitter and Instagram users falling in love with the piano below: