The Wildlife Conservation Society has five new California sea lions in three of its zoos—four are rescues and one was born to a Bronx Zoo sea lion!

The Prospect Park Zoo has two female sea lions who were orphaned and stranded off Point Hueneme, CA. According to the WCS, "Upon rescue, the pups were brought to Six Flags Vallejo in Ventura County California for initial care and rehabilitation. They were brought to Prospect Park Zoo on a recommendation from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service after it was determined they were unlikely to survive in the wild." They are doing well and are learning "basic behaviors" from the zookeepers. They join two other female sea lions there.

Two male California sea lions now at the Queens Zoo originally hail from the Pacific Northwest: "They came from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife as part of a local wildlife management project in Bonneville, Ore. Animal staff from the Queens Zoo and a veterinarian from the WCS Zoological Health Program went to the Pacific Northwest to examine, care for, and begin basic training of the two bulls at a local holding facility. They worked closely with the animals for nearly a month before transporting them to their new home." Now there are four bachelor sea lions at the Queens Zoo.

Finally, the Bronx Zoo's Indy had a female pup (her dad is Kiani, who is now "the breeding bull at the New York Aquarium"). The pup joins Indy, a 2012 rescue sea lion named Halftime, Margaretta, McCabe, and Nav at the Astor Court. Here's the Bronx Zoo gang: