"This has been the best Bike Kill ever," one dust-covered man was heard saying to a buddy as festivities wound to a close on Saturday evening, and indeed, he may have a point. Held in a far-flung lot in the cuts of Bushwick, this year's Bike Kill was well-attended, injury-free and, for the first time in recent years, unmolested by police.

Is there anything more therapeutic than straddling a mutant tall bike, filthy handlebar in one palm and a tallboy of High Life squeezed into the other, embarking on your first tentative pedals as the sun fades to pink in the background? Is happiness the feeling of a dumpstered pita, slick with fake blood, sliding from your fingers as you hurl it skyward? Is it the crash of metal and bones as two tall bike jousters collapse in a pile on the dirt, miraculously still ambulatory?

Congrats to all survivors, and see y'all next year.

Video by Jessica Leibowitz.