It's Day 30 of Banksy's month-long takeover of NYC's streets, and for his penultimate piece he's hit Yankee Stadium with this cool stencil of a jaguar? A cheetah? His website says "Bronx Zoo (at Yankee Stadium)," and specifically this is at Macombs Dam Bridge and Jerome Avenue.

Of course, the 1972-1981 Yankees were referred to as the Bronx Zoo, because of the fighting between George Steinbrenner, Billy Martin and Reggie Jackson.

UPDATE: The paint is fresh, Scott Lynch tells us, "still a bit tacky and very aromatic."

Nic Garcia tells us, "There's all kinds of layers and hidden messages and words and stuff in here. I can't imagine how long he worked on this. Multiple sessions?" Also, there's a COPE shout out by the peace sign!

Yesterday, the ol' Bankster re-donated a painting he had purchased at Housing Works, altering it with the addition of a Nazi soldier—it is now being sold at auction by the organization.