The Wildlife Conservation Society is bragging like a proud parents about two young Hamadryas baboons at the Prospect Park Zoo. The WCS shared photos and video footage of them "sharpen[ing]. their social skills through roughhousing and play... As adults, these skills are essential for protection of territory and the troop." And check out that climbing:

The little baboons are half-brothers: Their father is Bole, 21, and the mothers are Rebecca, who gave birth on August 9, and Kaia, who had her baby on September 26.

Photograph by Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

According to the WCS, "Hamadryas baboons are native to northeastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. They are large, ground-dwelling primates that are found in rocky areas and cliffs. They live in troops that typically include one dominant male and many females. They are highly social and spend much of their time grooming one another, a behavior that maintains and reinforces social bonds within the troop."

You can see the baboons at the Prospect Park Zoo's Animal Lifestyles building.