At The Drive In's long-awaited return to New York City has been a tale of reunions and rescheduling, but last night at Terminal 5 the psych-punk quintet let bygones be bygones. The band stormed through a setlist mainly sourced from their 2000 indie masterpiece Relationship of Command, hitting classics like "Cosmonaut," "Arc Arsenal" and "One Armed Scissor," along with brand new singles "Incurably Innocent" and "Governed by Contaigons." Between guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's mindfuck solos and frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala's high-jump acrobatics, Wednesday night's show proved the punk band that launched a thousand math rock demo tapes has plenty left in the tank despite breaking up in 2001, and then again in 2012.

Watch video evidence of ATDI's high-octane punk dominance below—and can we get that Mars Volta reunion next?


"Sleepwalker Capsules"

AT THE DRIVE IN. Enough said.

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"Incurably Innocent"

Wet Poodle/Woody Allen montage, "One Armed Scissor" (song starts at 1:59)

Full Setlist:

Pattern Against User
Sleepwalker Capsules
Incurably Innocent
Invalid Litter Dept.
Napoleon Solo

Governed by Contagions
One Armed Scissor