Acrobat Seanna Sharpe made quite a splash last year when she scaled the Williamsburg Bridge to perform a risky, audacious stunt (which got her arrested). Yesterday, Sharpe was at it again, dancing down the side of the 873 Broadway building in Manhattan—and this time, she had a permit! Check out photos above, video of her performing below.

The event, Sharpe's first public stunt since the Williamsburg Bridge, was in support of OM Factory Flight School, where Sharpe teaches aerial classes at the yoga studio (Om actually offers a number of aerial-related classes). She performed on the wire, then with the fabric, and then she was lowered down to the street. According to photographer Alec Tabak, she made it look easy: "There were no missteps or especially tense moments, no gasps from the crowd, though they were throughly absorbed in the spectacle."