Sunny skies over Coney Island welcomed the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade on Saturday. Ronald McDonald was spotted brown-bagging, and a variety of aquatic-themed body-painted ladies and gents spent the day ambling around the concretewalk. San Francisco resident Susan Laurita—who participated in the parade for the first time yesterday after attending as a spectator for the last 20 years—summed up the experience much better than we ever could: “It’s so funny—all of those years, I was in the crowd drunk,” she told the News. “Now, that I’m sober, I still don’t even know how to describe this!” Check out a lot of photos above (some NSFW!), and a nice video document of the event below.

There were way, WAY too many awesome shots of the paraders to put in one post. So if you want to gaze at more Mermaid Parade costumes, check out all of these great photo galleries.