After it was announced that a massive (and illegal) art project, dubbed The Underbelly Project, had been mounted in an undisclosed abandoned NYC subway station, it was inevitable that people would try to find the works. The MTA promised to better secure the stations, and indeed, some trespassers were arrested. But at least two of them got these cell phone photos of the pieces—many of them dissed by, uh, more veteran subway trespassers.

One photographer-trespasser told us he and a friend "are the ones who successfully got in on monday night then tried bringing some friends back thursday and got caught." We've asked him to share more about his experience visiting the site twice—we'll update later. And one of the artists, Ron English, told Animal about visiting the site, security wasn't too much of an issue, "Yeah, the track people were there, walking around and bitching about their pensions. They didn’t notice any of the art because they were too busy doing their thing. They didn’t see us until we exited. We just calmly walked past them. They were in shock, like 'Where the hell did they come from?' which is different than a guy chasing you with a baseball bat for tagging up his billboard... Only when we got to the street did they start to chase us, so we split."