As with most things Twin Peaks, it's best to not think about it too much, which is what we did when we first saw this Facebook page that's been documenting Agent Dale Cooper wandering around a gloomy-looking Coney Island. Sure, we wondered why this is a thing that exists, but grasping on to the mystery is always so much more fulfilling than attaining the facts.

However, after an office debate about whether this was an Agent Dale Cooper Doppelgänger or an Agent Dale Cooper Photoshop, we needed more than the "about" section was giving us (it reads, simply: "Diane, it's 10:48 A.M., March 1st 2013. I know it's been a while. We have lot of catching up to do... — DALE COOPER TWIN PEAKS, WA.") So we reached out to the person running the Facebook page, and got some answers. Pieter Dom, who runs Welcome To Twin Peaks, describes his project below. [Note: if you haven't watched Twin Peaks sometime over the last twenty years, first: seriously? Second: SPOILER AHEAD.]

"As you probably know, the show ended with Dale Cooper becoming possessed by BOB.

In the season finale, Laura Palmer tells Dale Cooper that she will see him again "in 25 years." Laura Palmer died in 1989, so that's next year: 2014.

Since it's unlikely that we're going to see any continuation of the story (Jennifer Lynch, daughter of David, said so last Sunday), I've decided to invite artists to 'take possession of Dale Cooper' just like BOB and imagine what he's doing, thinking, visiting...

What you've seen on the page so far is the brilliant work of Michelle Levy. I'm very honored that she agreed to be the first artist to crawl into Cooper's mind. I cannot reveal anything right now about the next artist, but rest assured that the story of Dale Cooper will be continued..."

Levy (who has done this before) explains her work as a reality-fantasy hybrid of sorts—she tells us, "I had a Cooper stand-in dressed in a suit who was photographed on site, and some digital magic was used later to turn him into Cooper!"

Now someone please start one of these projects for the Log Lady.