Today was the fifth annual national Go Topless Day, a celebration of women's legal right to bare their breasts in public in NYC. Lots of topless women and men hung out around Bryant Park and Times Square all afternoon—as one participant told us, "Rockin' your titties in New York City is a 24 hour job." Unfortunately, the rally attracted a lot of ogling onlookers as well, who seemed to go against the spirit of the whole event.

According to photographer Katie Sokoler, who took the lovely photos above, there were less than 20 women participating in the event at Bryant Park—but there were 10 times as many men hanging out, taking photos, and generally being disrespectful. "They would just swarm a girl and get right up in her boobs to take close ups," she said. "Three girls got so angry, they screamed, 'They're just fucking boobs!' and left."

Although there were shirtless men there laying in the grass, they were left alone for the most part. "People wouldnt even ask to take a picture of the women," Sokoler continued. "They would just be surrounded by 50 dudes taking pictures of their boobs. And that's why although it's legal to be topless, it's not equal."

You can click through to see NSFW photos from the event, including appearances by topless activists Moira Johnston and Holly Van Voast, as well as some of those oglers in pictures three and five. We also believe that the man holding the "Creepy Guy Contingent" sign is none other than Roman, the Union Square butt sniffer.