New Yorkers are very creative when it comes to working with small living spaces—some have made 90-square-feet work, and others have created shapeshifters. This one is a shapeshifter—a 420-square-foot folding studio, purchased for $287,000 and renovated for around $365,000, that's now on the market for $995,000. The owner of the apartment, located in a tenement on Sullivan Street, is Graham Hill of Treehugger, but he didn't design it—a few years back he held a contest and this was the winning design, from Hungarian architecture student Catalin Sandu. While it's just 420-square-feet, he told the NY Times in 2012 that the square footage of the "rooms" created by a little movement magic (a kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, office, master bedroom and guest bedroom) came to 1,100-square-feet.

[via Curbed]