Tilda Swinton must be simply exhausted—the actor is back at MoMA today after surprising everyone by surfacing at the museum unannounced inside a glass box. The performance piece, called "The Maybe," is taking place at MoMA randomly throughout the year, at different undisclosed locations throughout the building. Today the beloved Moonrise Kingdom star is snoozing in a second floor gallery, tucked away in her box behind large video screens showing Scottish artist Douglas Gordon's "Play Dead; Real Time". In a bit of happy symmetry, Gordon's videos feature an elephant playing dead.

Klaus Biesenbach, chief curator at large, told us today that "like any exhibit, the museum consults with artist about placement." And like Gordon, Swinton is also Scottish—plus the dimly-lit room seems ideally suited for naptime. Nice work if you can get it!

Reporting by Jen Chung.