Resolutely anti-sponsorship and fiercely political, the 26th annual Dyke March filled Fifth Avenue on Saturday evening, a joyous and loving celebration of the power of women.

In a sign of the times, messages and chants with some variation of the “Fuck ICE” theme far outnumbered any other, but there was still plenty of room along the nearly two-mile route for declarations of "Dyke Rage" and "Vote Homo Not Cuomo." (No politicians were present, though Cynthia Nixon made an appearance on several signs.)

Two marching drum bands, including the great Fogo Azul, kept things hopping throughout the journey, and marchers were greeted from the sidelines first by the Church Ladies For Choice (singing their hit "God Is a Lesbian," of course), and then by the Gay and Lesbian Big Apple Corps.

Led by a team of volunteer marshals, Dyke March stepped off from Bryant Park at around 5:15 p.m., and two hours later arrived in Washington Square Park, where some partook in the traditional post-march dunk in the fountain. Those marshals also served as traffic barriers at every intersection the entire way downtown. Dyke March does not specifically ask for an NYPD escort—"No Cops At Pride" is another common refrain—though there was a relatively modest showing of officers accompanying the protest.