The Brooklyn painted bunting, spotted over the weekend. (Photo by Paul Chung)

Prospect Park is drawing enthusiastic birdwatchers hoping to catch a glimpse of a painted bunting, a bird not typically found in these parts. According to the NY Post, the winged visitor has been hanging around the LeFrak Center, where "at least 100 avian enthusiasts a day are showing up." Though according to some birding message boards, there were only 3 people there yesterday.

One birder told the paper, "people are losing their shit over this bird." Why? Because it's pretty, and a rare sighting here.

"This is the first adult male painted bunting that’s ever had a recorded visit to Brooklyn — and one of only 10 birds of his species to have arrived since 1927, according to data compiled by the New York State Area Records Committee."

Birder Paul Chung, who took the above photo, doesn't think it will be around for much longer—he told us the bird, originally spotted by Brooklyn birder‎ Keir Randall, "is a resident of Florida and Texas and winters in Mexico. Rarely seen in New York."

According to this thread, as of this morning the painted bunting is still "in the plantings on top of the LeFrak Skating Rink," possibly hanging out with 7 European Goldfinches.

UPDATE:Paul Sweet, Ornithologist at the American Museum of Natural History, told us more about the bird:

The Painted Bunting breeds in summer along the Atlantic seaboard from North Carolina south to northern Florida with a second population found in south central USA. These birds would normally migrate in the fall to south Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico but every year a few make a wrong turn and head north, a phenomenon known as vagrancy. It’s these stray birds that get birders excited, the last time a Painted Bunting was seen in Brooklyn was in March of 1999 and that was a drab female not the multicolored male that is being seen in Prospect Park.

Prospect Park's current celebrity is even more stunning in real life than all his pictures.

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